Quick freeway access combined with free and plentiful parking makes transportation simple. Several alternative fuels are available on site and diamond lanes connect Bishop Ranch to regional freeways for convenient access by carpools and alternative fueled vehicles.

Updates & Alerts

It never hurts to stay informed about current conditions on the roads prior to making your trip to Bishop Ranch. Here are some tools you can use to make sure you can avoid any issues on the roadway before you get tangled up in them.

Text Alerts
To sign up for emergency text alerts for Bishop Ranch, text “bishopranch” to 94502. Reply STOP at any time to cancel.


Waze Carpool Replacing Scoop Subsidized Carpooling
Waze is the best, most flexible, social, and safe way to share a commute. Waze carpool, is a mobile Carpool app that is part of Waze, the app that has revolutionized way finding. Waze Carpool is now revolutionizing carpooling using a new groups function. Waze carpool is now being launched at Bishop Ranch. Earn up to $35 bonus during the upcoming sign up period. (Coming Soon!) Waze allows matches anywhere any time with a trusted network: co-workers and neighbors, sharing their commutes or, if you choose, match with anyone.

Why Switch To Waze?

  • Flexible and safe matching: Use it once a week or every day at the times that work for you. Driver history checks for a safe commute. Match any time & anywhere throughout the country.
  • Drive or Ride: Door-to-door pickups and drop-offs. Choose whatever fits your busy lifestyle.
  • Everyone saves: Passengers pay drivers for the ride at the rate determined by IRS regulation ~$0.43 per mile.


Share your ride to Bishop Ranch. Learn more about how to match with an existing vanpool or form a new one.

We are trying to form a vanpools from Cupertino, San Jose & Fremont to Bishop Ranch.

Bishop Ranch Transportation Center

FasTrak Flex Delivered To Your Office

The HOT Lane on I680 Is open!
The lanes operate Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. During times when traffic is light, tolls will automatically adjust lower so that traffic in the corridor flows across all the lanes and additional congestion is not created.

All drivers must have a FasTrak® to use the lanes between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. Carpools must have a FasTrak Flex® toll tag to use the lanes toll-free. With all-day hours of operation, be sure to consider all of your travel when selecting your FasTrak toll tag. Solo drivers need a standard FasTrak or FasTrak Flex toll tag to pay to use the lanes between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Visit for more information about express lanes or to order a toll tag.

Bishop Ranch Transportation Center (BRTC) is selling the new FasTrak Flex transponders for $24.99 and they will have $30.00 in value once the transponder is registered with FasTrak (New Accounts Only). BRTC will deliver the transponder to your Bishop Ranch office. If you already have a FasTrak account contact FasTrak to trade your old standard FasTrak for a new Flex Transponder. They pay the postage.

Request a FasTrak


Bishop Ranch has an array of progressive fuel options on site, including the first Blink® DC Fast Charging Stations in the country.

Booster Discount Codes June 2019

  • FREE100: $100 in rush delivery credits for new users only (this is a June special – but credits will remain in accounts until used up)
  • SAVE20: $5 off first four Boosts for new users

Transportation Apps

There are a multitude of apps to help you get to and from Bishop Ranch, regardless of if it’s by train, bus, bike or automobile. From scoring some wheels during the day to knowing if there is an accident ahead, we’ve got you covered.