BRiteBikes Bikeshare

Powered by Social Bicycles and operated by CycleHop, BRiteBikes is an exciting new program which allows Bishop Ranch tenants to ride any of the hundred BRiteBikes stationed around Bishop Ranch. BRiteBikes is Bishop Ranch’s official bike-share program, developed for our tenants to foster a healthy, fun and free way to get around the campus and surrounding area. Built for ultimate convenience and flexibility, a bike break will turn your lunch hour into a thrill ride and errands into sun-soaked adventures. Once set up, use your Clipper Card to quickly grab a bike. Go anywhere your legs can carry you, return it anywhere in Bishop Ranch.

BRIteBikes is a great healthy option for commuting.

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Ride a bike and have fun

Bishop Ranch is located along the Iron Horse Trail, a paved, flat, car free bicycle and pedestrian trail connecting to Bart in Walnut Creek and Bart in Dublin. The Iron Horse Trail provides an ideal bicycle commute route just 6 miles from Dublin and 14 from Walnut Creek. Ride the whole way for an exhilarating and healthy commute.

Be Safe
Getting on a bike is just like getting behind the wheel. It is fun, AND knowing how to ride well will keep yourself and others around you safe. Having a bike that fits your needs, knowing how to ride it well, following traffic laws designed to keep you safe, and taking care of your bike (just as you would a car) are important parts of being a safe cyclist and superior rider. Make sure to protect your head with a new or relatively new bike helmet so you can enjoy all the health benefits listed in the next section even after an accident. Is A Helmet Worth it?

Be Healthy
Researchers from Illinois University found that a five percent improvement in cardio-respiratory fitness from cycling led to an improvement of up to 15 percent in mental tests. That’s because cycling helps build new brain cells in the hippocampus – the region responsible for memory. Don’t forget about bicycling as a great commute option or a connecting mode to transit. Learn more about the many health benefits of cycling in this well researched article by David De Haan from

Group Ride
Join us for a group ride every Friday. Email:

Bikes on Transit

Bike Shop at 2600 Camino Ramon

Store or repair your bike at the Bishop Ranch Bike Shop at 2600 Camino Ramon. Lock your bike safely with your own lock. Get an assigned locker for your clothes too (as supplies last). Do your own basic repairs using our tools and buy the supplies there too.

Bishop Ranch Bike Shop has all the tools and supplies you may need. Use our FixIt Station in the bike shop offering a high quality pump and all the basic tools you may need to do any basic repairs. We have a bike part vending machine vending machine that has spare tubes, lights, and power snacks. Pay with any major a credit card.

Contact Bishop Ranch Transportation Center to arrange a meeting with us to set up access on your access badge. You will need to share your bicycle make, model & serial number with us to get a key and locker assigned. Free City of San Ramon Bike License for every bike you register.