BR Safe

Return to the Workpace

The COVID-19 outbreak is a new kind of crisis, one that no one has dealt with in this lifetime.  While organizations and employees are anxious to return to full productivity, there will be an adjustment to this post-COVID new normal.  Bishop Ranch is here to help you prepare for the return to work, while maintaining an effective workplace.

Bishop Ranch has implemented a Ranch-wide safety program for its office properties and City Center Bishop Ranch.  The region is likely to reopen in phases that satisfy the gating criteria outlined by federal, state and local authorities. The BR Safe program will be updated in keeping with the rapidly evolving situation.

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Our Mission

In creating the BR Safe program, Bishop Ranch set forth to set the standard and be an example of best practices in COVID-19 safety protocol, with the following pillars in mind:

  1. Use all means available to enhance occupant safety at Bishop Ranch and encourage responsible citizenship in our community.
  2. Operate with a focus on safety, transparency, efficiency and consistency.
  3. Have compassion during this difficult time.
  4. Protect the privacy of our occupants.
  5. Monitor and adapt our practices and communicate changes as the crisis evolves.

BR Safe Environment Program

There are four key elements to the BR Safe program.

  1. Health Screen and Temperature Check
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  3. COVID-19 Testing Capacity
  4. Additional Building Safety Measures


Health Screen and Temperature Check

Bishop Ranch has partnered with John Muir Health to provide screening and temperature check stations.  All visitors will be screened upon entering buildings.  Employers are asked to encourage and support the health screening program and require their employees to obtain their daily health check sticker prior to reporting for work.

Personal Protective Equipment
Based on guidance from the CDC and Osha, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be selected based on the results of an employer’s hazard assessment and workers specific job duties. Based on PPE requirements, Bishop Ranch employees will be trained on when to use PPE, how to properly don, use and doff PPE, how to dispose or disinfect and manage PPE.

Building occupants are asked to bring their own PPE. Bishop Ranch will have a limited amount of masks and gloves in the event that someone does not have their own PPE.

COVID-19 Testing Capacity

Bishop Ranch is partnering with Contra Costa County to setup a drive through testing site at Bishop Ranch. This will allow us to provide a convenient option for testing.

We are also partnering with Diacarta to provide quick-turn around bulk testing to our customers at discounted rates for testing a large population of office workers.

Additional Building Safety Measure

Bishop Ranch is implementing several changes, services and preventative measures. Some examples are:

  • Increased janitorial service to high touch services.
  • Janitorial has adopted a Coronavirus cleaning protocol which includes the use of hospital-grade disinfectants, as recommended by the CDC, on all clear surfaces and touch points to help control the spread of the virus.
  • Building HVAC operational changes to ensure fresh air is maximized and circulated through the building.
  • Individually packaged in-office meal delivery service prepared by screened staff and distance dining in cafes.
  • Social distance signage enforcing social distancing, queue spacing, two- person elevator occupancy and more.
  • Cube partition extension installation.
  • Daily disposable desk, conference room and dining table covers.
  • A rapid response team for disinfection of any exposed spaces.

New Normal Preparedness

As a result of the pandemic, social distancing became part of a global narrative that we recognize now to mean keep 6 feet of distance between yourself and others. Social distancing has eliminated almost all gatherings of people.  It is an important rule of thumb to continue to practice as we head back to the office environment and navigate through our new everyday lives.

The below guidelines offer tips and resources to help you normalize the new way of life of in the workspace.

1. Scan Workplace

Analyze the current working environment with a new lens for virus safety. Throughout common areas at Bishop Ranch, you will see floor indicators for 6-foot distance compliance.  Implement similar standards in your workplace.

2. New Protocols

Keeping your distance is just one way to ensure safety for your staff. Encourage all employees to keep personal workspaces clean and clear to allow for daily janitorial procedures. Bishop Ranch will be offering disposable desk sheets to lessen direct contact with hard surface desktops.

3. Office Routes

Make office traffic flow standardized and safe. In highly trafficked common areas at Bishop Ranch, you will see floor signage for routing traffic flows.

4. Workstation Safety

Adapt workstations for safety.  Ensure that cubes are appropriately spaced, remove chairs from conference rooms or mark that they are unusable and add higher desk partitions. Bishop Ranch can provide higher partitions if needed.

5. Safety Ambassador

Dedicate and train an employee who can advise on an optimally functioning and safe facility environment. In partnership with John Muir, Bishop Ranch will be offering temperature check stations throughout the campus. Encourage your staff to take a daily temperature check before reporting to the office.

6. Be Transparent

Clearly state measures that have been taken to ensure a virus-safe working environment for your staff. We have opened an anonymous tip hotline for anyone who sees a violation of policy, has a suggestion or wants to discuss anything related to this crisis: 925-277-1700.


Additional measures can also be implemented to tenant suites if there are needs for disinfecting beyond the nightly services provided.  Please contact our property management office for more information.