Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is available throughout Bishop Ranch on the EV Connect network. Bishop Ranch 1, Bishop Ranch 3, Bishop Ranch 7, Bishop Ranch 8, Bishop Ranch 9 and Bishop Ranch 15 all offer public level 2 EV charging.

Chargepoint Charging Hubs at Bishop Ranch 3 & 2600 Camino Ramon

Electric vehicle charging stations have been installed at 2603 Camino Ramon. The  stations are part of the Chargepoint Network, offering the largest network of charge stations in the USA. More chargers at Bishop Ranch make commuting by electric vehicle a more viable option. Learn more about the national network of Chargepoint EV chargers and how to join at: www.chargepoint.com//

Charging at these Chargepont EV Chargers is .36 kwh. After charging is complete you have 1/2 hour grace period to move your car for the next user to charge. Drivers that leave car charging after the 1/2 hour grace period will get a $10 per hour parking fee.

Simply sign up to add chargepoint app to your phone and order a  Chargepoint membership card. You can also use contactless credit cards or call Chargepoint to initiate a charging session on your standard charge card. Call 1.888.758.4389