Get the FREE BRECO Clipper Card To Ride Everything

The Clipper Card can be used on all major Bay Area transit systems including BART, AC Transit, and MUNI. Bishop Ranch-based employees get free unlimited bussing on Contra Costa County Connection routes.

Local & Express Buses

Bishop Ranch tenants ride all County Connection buses free with a Bishop Ranch Bus Pass (BRECO/Clipper Card). The most popular express routes that serve Bishop Ranch include the 92X from the Pleasanton ACE Train station, the 95X and the 96X from Walnut Creek BART, and the 97X from Dublin/Pleasanton BART. Local routes serving Bishop Ranch include the 21 from Walnut Creek BART and the 35 from Dublin/Pleasanton BART.

  • 30 min peak frequency from Walnut Creek to Bishop Ranch, see Routes 95X & 96X
  • Route 92X serves  the southern part of Bishop Ranch (BR 1, BR 2600,  San Ramon Transit Center)
  • Route 96X serves the southern part of Bishop Ranch (BR 1, San Ramon Transit Center, BR 2600, Sunset/Bishop)
  • Route 97X serves  the southern part of Bishop Ranch (BR 1, BR 2600,  San Ramon Transit Center, Sunset/Bishop)
  • Route 95X serves  the northern part of Bishop Ranch (BR 15, BR 8, Annabel, San Ramon Transit Center)
    • Chevron Use BR1
    • BR3 & BR7 use Transit Center

Routes and Schedules

Presto Autonomous Bus

Bishop Ranch has collaborated with the Contra Costa Transit Authority to launch autonomous bus service between the San Ramon Transportation Hub, BR3 and BR2600, and City Center. This service runs every 15 minutes from 11am – 2pm, and every 30 minutes from 7:30am – 5:30pm.