Presto! Autonomous Bus

Meet PRESTO! - the Autonomous Bus

Bishop Ranch has collaborated with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority on the Presto! pilot program supplying electric, low-speed, driverless, multi-passenger shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs) throughout Bishop Ranch, testing to solve first-and-last mile commuting challenges by connecting residents to transit at low cost with zero emissions.

Service runs between the San Ramon Transportation Hub, BR3 and BR2600, and City Center every 15 minutes from 11am – 2pm, and every 30 minutes from 7:30am – 5:30pm. Bishop Ranch is proud to bring the comfort and convenience of public transit to our communities. We appreciate your support and cooperation.

For your safety, please maintain a safe distance from the vehicle as it traverses parking lots and pedestrian paths throughout the properties.

For information on this and other innovative CCTA programs, contact:

Jack Hall
ITS CAV Program Manager
Contra Costa Transportation Authority
(925) 354-0685
[email protected]