Vanpool Basics

Bishop Ranch will help any Bishop Ranch tenant employer form vans or support vans by contributing $40 per month per active participant in a vanpool. This $40, combined with an employer subsidy could mean free vanpool rides to work.

Join an existing van with available seats or start your own.

Click HERE for a list of available seats in existing vans.

Contact Enerprise Vanpool to join one of the vans above or call to see how to start your own

email: [email protected]


What are Vanpools?

Vanpools are more than just carpools with more riders. A vanpool is a group of 5 to 15 people who regularly travel together to work 30 miles or more (roundtrip) in a comfortable van at least 13 days out of the month. Typically, riders pay a monthly fare and maintenance fee, while drivers ride at a discounted rate in exchange for driving and maintaining the van.

Vanpoolers can shave an average of 20 minutes off of their commute time by using carpool lanes, and lower the stress and expense of driving alone.

We have several partnerships with organizations that will help you find carpools and vanpools.

Vanpool Matching & Formation

View existing regional vanpools or create a new vanpool route using the Enterprise Ridematch tool, or the Regional Ridematching Database –

To request your personal commuting plan, fill out this simple form. A Bishop Ranch representative will send you a custom public transportation plan. For general information, email our transportation specialists.

Carpool and Vanpool Links