CNG Fueling

CNG vs Gasoline

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculated the potential benefits of CNG versus gasoline based on the inherently cleaner-burning characteristics of natural gas. The use of CNG in passenger vehicles

  • Reduces carbon monoxide emissions 90%-97%
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions 25%
  • Reduces nitrogen oxide emissions 35%-60%
  • Potentially reduces non-methane hydrocarbon emissions 50%-75%
  • Emits fewer toxic and carcinogenic pollutants
  • Emits little or no particulate matter
  • Eliminates evaporative emissions
  • Similar results apply to heavy duty trucks. When compared with diesel, CNG trucks reduce particulate emissions by over 90%.

More Info

Anyone can use this UPS fast fueling station operated by Trillium. The last pump (that has both 3000 & 3600 psi outlets) accepts credit cards.

Between 8:30 – 9:15 AM and 6PM – 11PM UPS fills their trucks here but the last pump is a public fueling pump and UPS will move if a member of the public shows up and they are using it.

4500 Norris Canyon Rd San Ramon, CA 94583-1369
Trillium 800-920-1166

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