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Class A Service

Our Class A offices come with Class A service. To receive any of the services listed, email your assistant property manager or call the Bishop Ranch Property Management office at 925.277.1700. Provide your name, your company name, your street address or building number and as much detail about your request as possible.

When you submit a service request form during business hours, a tenant services representative will contact you within three hours to verify the request and/or schedule the work.

Tenant Services Provided

Here are a list of services that Bishop Ranch can provide:

  • Door and lock repairs
  • Electrical issues (power interruption, non-functioning outlet, etc.)
  • Janitorial services (special cleaning requests, spills, paper products, etc.)
  • Key and/or access fob requests
  • Landscape services (trash pickup, downed tree, sprinkler issues, etc.)
  • Lighting issues or bulb replacement
  • Pest control
  • Plumbing issues (leaks, clogs, etc.)
  • Restroom service or supplies
  • Safety hazards of any kind
  • Security services (nighttime car escort, after-hours access, etc.)
  • Signage (door signage, lobby directory, etc.)
  • Thermostat adjustments/HVAC issues (hot/cold calls, etc.)
  • Window or blind issues/repairs