Carpool with Waze

Registered Carpool Parking

Waze has a new look – Visit the Google medium post about the new functionality.

Park in our special carpool designated parking stalls by displaying a Bishop Ranch Carpool Hang Tag. Register below and order your hang tag today!

Waze Carpool Basics

Special Bishop Ranch Offer For All

Join the NEW Bishop Ranch Rewards group

This month, Waze Carpool is running “Carpoolathon,” a thank-you to us and a celebration of Waze Carpool‘s anniversary.  Details on the fun weekly goals and rewards below!

What’s a Carpoolathon?

It’s a carpooling marathon, where the more you carpool with Waze, the more rewards you earn.

How it works 

The Carpoolathon runs for five weeks, with a new goal added each week. 

Week 1 (Sep 30)      Get $4 extra for 4+ drives

Week 2 (Oct 7)         Get $5 extra for 5+ drives

Week 3 (Oct 14)       Get $6 extra for 6+ drives

Week 4 (Oct 21)       Get $8 extra for 7+ drives

Week 5 (Oct 28)       Get $10 extra for 8+ drives

Ride every week, win every week.  Learn more

Haven’t joined Waze Carpool yet? Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Download the Waze app to drive, or the Waze Carpool app to ride. 

Step 2: Open either app to set up your profile. If you’re using the Waze app, just tap the carpool icon in the lower right-hand corner.

Step 3: Make sure to add your work email address to your profile— that’s how you’ll match with your coworkers!

Step 4: Click to join the “Bishop Ranch Rewards” carpool group (Click this link on your phone)

Step 5: Check out the best matches on your route and start offering and requesting rides!

Tip: Go ahead and send multiple offers. If you don’t see an ideal match, no sweat. Check back in a day or two, more people are joining daily!

Group For Rewards


Get your Carpool Hero on – invite coworkers to join the group and receive rewards once they Carpool. New riders and drivers who join the group will also receive a $20 bonus after completing their first ride.

Find out more about Waze Carpool at

Booster has partnered with Waze to give the top 5 carpoolers at Bishop Ranch free gas for a month ( *March winners will receive free gas for the month of May, etc.).  Five new winners will be announced every month. All you have to do is sign up for Booster and carpool with Waze throughout the month, and we will let you know if you are one of the top 5 carpoolers. Download the Waze Carpool App if you have not already.


The  five winners are:

#1 Usman

#2 Mamon

#3 Julio

#4 Dhaval

#5 Tejas M.

Congratulations! We will add $150 to your Booster Account!

Getting started using Waze Carpool

  1. Join the Bishop Ranch Carpoolers Group and decide whether you’d prefer to Drive (Waze app), Ride (Waze Carpool app) or both!
  2. Register using your personal GMail or Facebook (yes, only Gmail & Facebook will work)
  3. Verify your work email to get your $15 Bishop Ranch Group bonus (bonuses will be applied at the end of January)
  4. Enter promo code: ‘CARPOOL’ to unlock 5 free rides
  5. Enter your route and schedule
  6. Review your matches
  7. Send 5 or more carpool requests a couple days in advance for best results
  8. Happy carpooling!

Watch Waze Carpool tutorial videos!

Join the community of carpoolers who’ve resolved to take back their time and make the commute the best part of their day.

Learn more about WAZE here.

Chevron Zimride

Chevron Zimride is an online, private site for Chevron Employees Only designed to help employees to find each other, agree on commuting schedules and share the ride by carpooling. Save wear and tear on your car and gas costs while easing traffic congestion and fostering a sense of community. Plus, reduce your carbon footprint! With Chevron Zimride you can post a commute and connect with someone going your way. As this NEW program builds its database with Chevron entries, you will be finding more and more options to fit your personal needs.

Open to: Employees and Contractors with Chevron e-mail address

Cost: FREE